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Commercial Playground Services Provided by BDI Play Designs.

At BDI Play Designs Inc., we're skilled at installing inclusive play structures with a strong focus on safety and innovation. We carefully choose diverse equipment from top-quality brands known for their excellence. This guarantees that all projects meet strict safety standards for a safe and imaginative play space for all children.

Pour In Place (PIP) Rubber Surfacing

Pour in Place rubber surfacing excels in providing top-tier safety while requiring minimal maintenance. PIP surfacing is highly respected for its safety and durability. Excellent at absorbing impacts, PIP is the top choice for a safe play area. Moreover, it's wheelchair access makes it an ideal option for creating inclusive play spaces for all ages and abilities.

Engineered Wood Fibre (EWF) Surfacing:

One cost effective choice for a safe, accessible, and affordable surfacing is Engineered Wood Fiber. This wood chip surface absorbs impacts well, is affordable, and easy for wheelchair users to access.


Playground Maintenance and Inspections

Our commitment doesn't end with installations. We provide complete maintenance services to keep your play area safe and enjoyable for everyone. From regular inspections to necessary repairs, we ensure a fun and secure space. Contact us for reliable maintenance and thorough inspections!

Custom Equipment 

At BDI Play Designs Inc., we thrive on challenges and innovation. We welcome opportunities to craft custom play equipment that meets unique needs and specifications. We're dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into reality, whether it's unique themes or special features. With custom log playground equipment, concrete, and steel structures in our inventory, we've got everything you need.

Dynamo Net Structures

For those seeking unique net structures that challenge and excite all age groups, we offer Dynamo playground structures. Dynamo's wide variety of net-based quality playground equipment encourages agility, balance, and adventure, providing thrilling experiences within a safe environment.

Blue Imp Playgrounds

Our main focus lies in Blue Imp commercial playground equipment, renowned for its durability, safety, and engaging designs. Blue Imp is a playground company that offers inclusive playgrounds, swings, and slides, to encourage play and physical activity. Also offering outdoor fitness equipment, Blue Imp provides products to encourage both adult and child development.nt and make sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors.

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Freenotes For Musical Play

Adding a tuned touch to play areas, Freenotes musical equipment introduces children to the joy of creating music outdoors. These installations foster creativity, sensory exploration, and joint play through a variety of outdoor musical instruments.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Every installation at BDI Play Designs Inc. highlights safety and quality. Our team carefully installs equipment, ensuring compliance with CSA-Z614 safety standards. We ensure peace of mind for both clients and users, going the extra mile to create durable and secure spaces that endure over time.


Collaborative Approach

Understanding the needs of each community, we engage in close contact with our clients. By matching with their preferences and requirements, we craft play areas that truly reflect the community's core. Our goal remains firm: creating safe, captivating, and inclusive spaces that resonate with every individual within the community.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to start creating play environments that spark creativity and fun for every child. At BDI Play Designs Inc., we're passionate about crafting engaging spaces that kindle imaginations and encourage exploration. Let’s build memorable play experiences together!

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