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What Do You Call Playground Equipment?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

A concrete log tunnel for kids to crawl through and climb on.
StoneWood Log Tunnel

Navigating the world of playground designs can be tricky - and the variety of styles available can be overwhelming. In a larger footpring, you can fill it with a variety of components, while in a small area, you can still create a lot of fun with monkey bars, sensory panels, and climbing boulders for different types of play. But what kind of equipment suits you?

First, let's break down playground equipment into its various styles:

  • Traditional Playground Equipment: The traditional style of components are renowned and have stood the test of time. They remain popular over many years for good reason and offer the best play-value for your dollar. Examples include: Merry-Go-Round, Horizontal Ladder, Elephant Climber.

  • Contemporary Playground Equipment: The novelty of the Contemporary equipment characterizes this category. These are new components that didn't exist in this style or format 10 years ago. At BDI, we constantly strive to push the limits of how much fun we can achieve while adhering to safety standards and space restrictions. The inherent risk with this category is that you don't have as much long-term feedback to rely on.

  • Accessible Playground Equipment: Accessible features are usually reachable either from ground level or from a wheelchair ramp platform. This could be something as simple as a Rainmaker for simple sensory fun, or as complex as an On-A-Roll which requires more physical movement, and everything in-between. Our FallSAFE Pour in Place Rubber Surfacing is a top choice for inclusive play. It not only offers a soft place to land, but it allows mobility devices to move effortlessly across the play area from one place to another.

A playground cabin-themed playhouse.
Cozy Cabin
  • Natural Playground Equipment: This category encompasses a wide range of component types. Ranging from Log Playground Equipment, to standard items with composite wood accents, the Natural Playground theme is widely popular. We provide climbing boulders, StoneWood log components, and even simple Leaf-Shaped climbers to create the desired impact so often sought after.

  • Early Childhood Playgrounds: The Early Childhood Playgrounds target the age group of 18 months to 5 years. Alberta Health Services typically approve these designs for use in daycares. The primary purpose of this category is to aid in the development of socialization skills and gross motor skills for children in this age group.

  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment: Designed with a focus on physical activity, these play structures target the upper elementary and lower junior high age groups.

Some of the most desired playground components involve some degree of uncontrolled motion. Some examples include the following:

A small girl gliding on a playground component.
Glide Ride
  • Merry-Go-Round and other group spinners.

  • Glide Ride: A ride on a track that can quickly take people 10, 20, or 30 feet in just a few seconds.

  • Slides: Encompass a variety of types, such as Deep Dip Slides, Spiral Slides, Double or Triple Bed Slides and Racing Slides.

  • Fireman's Pole: A popular component that can provide a crash landing for proprioceptive feedback.

This is just a brief beginning but we invite you to explore our Products Page for a comprehensive list of designs and components. Start the process of customizing your play space by filling out our Design Request Form!

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