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How Much Do Playgrounds Cost?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Commercial playground equipment is some of the least expensive quality child development opportunities available today. Breaking down the cost of ownership over a playground life span, playgrounds can cost as little as $0.50 per child per hour. This surprisingly small cost weighed against the benefits of motivating the children to get outside. Children engaging in physical activities and social interaction is priceless.

Cost Ranges

Playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment parks usually cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000, depending on size.

For early childhood, daycares and churches, it will be on the lower end of the spectrum. Whereas community play areas are usually near the middle. School playgrounds for older age groups and inclusive playgrounds will typically be on the higher end of the spectrum. We can create unique playground designs for every need, using our expansive catalogue of playground products.

We cater to schools, daycares, churches, and community parks, serving all ages and abilities. We offer a wide variety of equipment types, including commercial play equipment, log playground equipment, and inclusive play systems. All our play spaces meet or exceed the CSA Z614-20 safety standards.

Quoting Process

Our playground company simplifies selection with an 'All Equipment' page with filters for different price ranges and styles. Choose a play structure and request a quote or work with us to design your own custom structure. Our flexible pricing options allow you to pick which services you would us to offer.

Contributed Services

Donors or volunteers can contribute to many aspects of the installation and site work. We accommodate contributed services within project schedules and pricing to create a quality playground with community support.

A child in a wheelchair riding an accessible bouncing chuck wagon.
Renfrew Educational Services

If applying for a matching grant, donated services can help to boost the overall project budget! We will always do our best to accomodate donated services into the project schedule.

Sample Playground Cost Breakdown

Below is a sample playground cost list showing the cost of each category. These costs vary depending on region. Surfacing type and border type can also have a large impact on the overall project cost.

Equipment (Play Structure, Benches, Signage): $45,000

Freight (Shipping from Medicine Hat, AB): $1,200

Temporary Site Fencing (To Secure the Area During Construction): $1,200

Excavation & Site Preparation (12" Below Finished Grade): $4,500

Assembly & Installation (Building the Structure): $12,000

Safety Surfacing (Pea Gravel): $8,000

Borders (Wood Borders): $7,500

Landscape Rehabilitation (Topsoil & Seeding the Perimeter): $4,000

Total Cost (Plus GST): $85,200

Surfacing Options

Our recommended safety surfacing types are engineered wood fiber, Pea Gravel, or Pour in Place Rubber Surfacing.

Engineered wood fiber is beautiful, economical, and wheelchair accessible. Pea gravel is economical, natural, and provides excellent drainage. Pour in Place rubber surfacing is a premium surfacing, offering durability, excellent drainage, and excellent access for mobility devices.

Grants are available for wheelchair-accessible surfaces.

Border Options

Concrete borders are pricier, while plastic or wood borders offer cost-effective playground structure options.

Concrete borders are a permanent, beautiful border option that will last for years to come. Wood borders are more cost effective, but will show its age sooner. Plastic border panels are an excellent alternative, as they age slowly, but are easy to replace sections if damaged.


For information or inquiries about outdoor playgrounds and quality structures in Alberta and British Columbia, contact us. We aim to support park play activities, focusing on quality and fun.

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