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How Long Does Commercial Playground Equipment Last?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

With regular maintenance, play equipment should last up to and potentially over 30 years. However, selecting the right playground equipment is critical to ensuring as much value as possible. We ensure every play space exceeds the current safety standards requirements for structural integrity.

Quality Playground Equipment

While plastic play systems often look flashy, they require higher maintenance and ultimately don't hold up over time. That is why we primarily use steel in our playground designs. Steel possesses durability, vandal resistance, and an enduring quality.

A playground product with over 90% steel ensures the longest available warranty coverage for the majority of the playground. While we have access to a wide variety of quality playground products, steel is our most used material.

Playground Maintenance

The CSA Z614-20 Standard for Outdoor Playspaces recommends a visual inspection of the play areas weekly. This allows you to address any damage to the play structures immediately, avoiding any unnecessary liability. We also recommend inspection for outdoor fitness equipment, and any surrounding park furniture.

Be sure to survey the entire play space for any foreign objects or materials. Gravel safety surfacing hides hazards like needles or glass, but Pour in Place rubber surfacing does not. Check log playground equipment for new cracks that might impact its structure.

We recommend this quick yet effective exercise to ensure the detection of any obvious broken parts. The playground company can then decide on a remedy and take immediate action. Our local presence as manufacturer and installer ensures speedier turnaround times on replacement parts. If you need any parts, inform us early in the process, and we will promptly start working on it!

We also recommend conducting an annual inspection by a Certified Playground Inspector. Please Contact Us for pricing and availability!

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