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Village of Carbon

Model #:


Age Ranges:


Product Or Concept:

Price Range (Equipment Only):


D. $20K - $50K

Blue Imp

C. 5 - 12 Yrs, B. 18 Mo - 5 Yrs


Product Type:

Playground Equipment

Estimated Lead Time:

8 - 12 Weeks

Lead Times May Extend Mid-Summer

Production Ready

Product Description

Standing within this park, a playground awaits. Two slides stand as highlights, inviting children to embark on playful descents—a meandering squiggle slide promising twists and turns for an adventurous journey, and a second slide beckoning with its double coils, igniting joyous races and shared laughter.

Interwoven within this natural wonderland are thrilling challenges. The Squiggle Climb presents a textured ascent, challenging climbers to navigate its winding paths, fostering agility and determination. Nearby, the Saucer Coil captivates with its spiraling allure, offering a spinning adventure that induces gleeful dizziness.

Among these elements stands the Transfer Station, a point enabling easy access to elevated platforms. This station becomes the gateway to new heights, a launchpad for imaginative play and daring exploration.

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