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Model #:


Age Ranges:


Product Or Concept:

Price Range (Equipment Only):


E. $50K - $100K

Blue Imp

C. 5 - 12 Yrs

Accessible, Towers

Product Type:

Playground Equipment

Estimated Lead Time:

8 - 12 Weeks

Lead Times May Extend Mid-Summer

Production Ready

Product Description

Welcome to our imaginative playground tower, a thrilling structure designed to inspire adventurous spirits while ensuring inclusivity for all children! At the heart of this design is a towering structure with a magnificent spiral tube slide cascading from its peak, promising an exhilarating ride for all.

Nestled within the lower portion of the tower lies an accessible area thoughtfully designed for children of varying abilities. A transfer station, featuring easy steps, leads to a wave slide—a fun-filled experience for all. Various climbers scattered around the area provide ample opportunities for access to the higher parts of the tower, catering to different skill levels and ages.

Adding to the excitement, an inclined rock climbing arch-bridge invites exploration and leads to a lower platform. From here, additional climbers offer further access, leading to a monkey bar area that forms a dynamic circuit back to the tower, creating a thrilling lava tag adventure.

This playground design aims to combine the thrill of heights and slides with thoughtful accessibility features, ensuring that every child can participate in the excitement and adventure. It's a space where imagination soars, friendships are formed, and inclusive play takes center stage, fostering joyous experiences for all who visit.

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