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Peak Pursuit

Model #:


Age Ranges:


Product Or Concept:

Price Range (Equipment Only):


G. $150K+

Blue Imp

C. 5 - 12 Yrs


Product Type:

Playground Equipment

Estimated Lead Time:

6 - 8 Weeks

Lead Times May Extend Mid-Summer

Production Ready

Product Description

Step into an adventure-filled wonderland where kids ignite their imagination! Our playground invites explorers to conquer towering slides, navigate winding bridges, tackle climbing challenges, and embark on thrilling lava tag circuits, fostering endless fun and creativity.

Experience Alberta's playground brilliance—crafted from local passion! Our locally-made playground gear embodies dependability, community unity, and unmatched quality. Opt for our locally-sourced options to uncover more than playground gear; it's about nurturing a sustainable future for outdoor play while knitting the threads of our community closer.

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