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FP Walshe School

Model #:


Age Ranges:


Product Or Concept:

Price Range (Equipment Only):


F. $100K - $150K

Blue Imp, Dynamo

C. 5 - 12 Yrs


Product Type:

Playground Equipment, Fitness Equipment

Estimated Lead Time:

16 - 20 Weeks

Lead Times May Extend Mid-Summer

Production Ready

Product Description

At the heart of the park, a playground buzzes with adventurous spirits and playful energy. A maze of overhead challenges awaits, weaving together thrilling feats for young explorers. Various styles of monkey bars, spinning SpiRolls, and curved overhead bars invite children to swing, spin, and stretch their way through a dynamic aerial course. The Canyon Crossing Bridge adds a wobbly, balancing challenge, while the towering Twisted Tower dares brave climbers to conquer its spiraling heights.

Amidst this whirlwind of excitement, the We Spin spinner and Gyra spinner offer whirling delights, spinning with dizzying joy. Anchoring the landscape, the Mount Everest climbing structure presents an enticing challenge for aspiring mountaineers, urging them to ascend to its peak and relish the triumphant view.

Completing this vibrant playground is the Dynamo Meteor, a colossal centerpiece brimming with opportunities for climbing and exploration. Its expansive design promises a thrilling climax to the adventurous journey through this playground paradise.

Here, echoes of laughter and determination mingle in the air as children conquer aerial challenges and embark on daring escapades, crafting treasured moments in a playground designed to ignite imagination and inspire boundless joy.

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