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Circular Thrills

Model #:


Age Ranges:


Product Or Concept:

Price Range (Equipment Only):


G. $150K+

Blue Imp, RockCraft

C. 5 - 12 Yrs


Product Type:

Playground Equipment

Estimated Lead Time:

6 - 8 Weeks

Lead Times May Extend Mid-Summer

Production Ready

Product Description

Embark on a whimsical journey in our playground, Circular Thrills, where imagination knows no bounds! Ascend to new heights on the elevated platform structure, connected by bridges and rope structures, and experience the excitement of three tall curvy slides, forming a dynamic circular loop with an overhead monkey bar section. From the double tire swing to the accessible roller table and the woodland cafe panel with a mushroom seat, every element is designed to inspire laughter, exploration, and delightful play in a vibrant palette of white, lime green, blue, and tan.

Unlock Alberta's playground paradise—where local craftsmanship reigns supreme! Our locally-made playground gear epitomizes reliability, community support, and unparalleled quality. Opting for our locally-sourced options isn't solely about obtaining exceptional playground gear; it's about nurturing a sustainable future for outdoor play while bolstering community connections.

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